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Literacy Collaborative is a comprehensive school literacy program based on the award-winning work of early reading experts Dr. Irene Fountas and Dr. Gay Su Pinnell.

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Research findings highlight Literacy Collaborative's positive effect on literacy teaching, student learning and achievement, and school literacy culture. More »

Common Core Standards

Literacy Collaborative aligns with the Common Core Standards in English Language Arts, and meets the requirements of Response to Intervention (RTI). More »

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Beginning with literacy coach training, our model delivers a school leadership team who drive engagement, implementation, and measurement. More »

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Why Inquiry in the act of coaching a Colleague?

I have long seen the power of inquiry in effective teaching.

Through interactive read-aloud, having a pair share around author’s purpose, how a character changed and why, exploring author’s craft to discover what seems the same and what are differences across books by the same author.

Through reading and writing workshop, becoming familiar with characteristics of a genre by reading and discussing many quality examples that then informs writing in that genre.

Through word study, examining the way words work and applying that understanding to other words to strengthen meaning, spelling and grammar.

Through poetry, discussing meaning and noticing how poems are crafted.

Lately I have been thinking about the strong role inquiry plays in coaching as well, and will share some thinking that will strengthen the power of coaching in reflective teaching that leads to more effective practice.

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Thought Leadership

Literacy Collaborative is a nationally recognized, comprehensive school literacy model based on the award-winning work by reading experts Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell in collaboration with teachers and university teams at The Ohio State University and Lesley University. More About Us »

Since 1986, the Collaborative has partnered with schools and school districts to improve the reading, writing and language skills of children in grades K-8.

Our nationally recognized, research-based instructional method helps increase student achievement, empower teachers, and develop school cultures that are "rich in books and words."

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