Literacy Collaborative is a nationally recognized, comprehensive school literacy model based on the award-winning work by reading experts Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell in collaboration with teachers and university teams at The Ohio State University and Lesley University.

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Development of a School Leadership Team

Literacy Collaborative fosters the development of a school leadership team that supports and facilitates the school improvement process.

The development of the leadership team is key to initiating shared leadership and guiding the implementation of Literacy Collaborative. The team analyzes student achievement data, monitors ongoing implementation, evaluates LC initiative outcomes, and communicates with the greater school community. Team members include the building principal, literacy coach, classroom teachers, and specialists who provide literacy instruction.

Training for a School-Based Literacy Coach

The model includes training for a school-based literacy coach who will provide professional development and coaching to teachers at the school site.

Initial training for the coach is provided at a university or district training site. After the initial training year, the coach continues to receive ongoing support and professional development from its university partner.

The coach, in turn, provides professional development and coaching to teachers. Through this work teachers learn how to use assessment to differentiate instruction to meet the individual needs of students. They build and refine their understandings of the reading and writing processes to make effective instructional decisions. This collaborative approach leads to a more cohesive professional community and student learning environment.

A Comprehensive Instructional Literacy Framework

We offer a comprehensive instructional literacy framework for all grades that includes Reading Workshop, Guided Reading, Writing Workshop, and Language and Word Study.

Based on decades of language and literacy development research, our student-centered approach emphasizes language development and student talk as the foundation for reading and writing. The Literacy Collaborative instructional model includes systematic teaching of the essential components of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language development as outlined in the Common Core State Standards.

Tiered Instruction to Meet the Needs of All Students

Literacy Collaborative meets the requirements of Response to Intervention (RTI), and aligns with the Common Core Standards in English Language Arts.

Our core instructional framework (Tier 1) is designed to provide rigorous whole group, small group and individual teaching. Supplemental small group and individual interventions (Tiers 2 and 3) are provided for students who struggle with learning to read and write. Many Literacy Collaborative schools offer Leveled Literacy Intervention © as small-group intervention across grade levels, and Reading Recovery © as an intensive intervention for first graders.

We Offer Years of Experience


Since 1986, the Collaborative has partnered with districts and schools across the nation to improve the reading, writing and language skills of children in grades PreK-8.

Our research-proven whole school literacy improvement model is recognized for helping to increase student achievement, improve teacher expertise, and build school communities that are "rich in books and words."

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Key Benefits

Common Core Standards

Literacy Collaborative aligns with the Common Core Standards in English Language Arts, and meets the requirements of Response to Intervention (RTI).


Research is a core component of Literacy Collaborative. Major studies have shown increased student learning, teacher expertise, and professional collaboration.

Professional Development

Beginning with literacy coach training, our model delivers a school leadership team who drive engagement, implementation, and measurement.

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