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Literacy Collaborative is a comprehensive school literacy program based on the award-winning work of early reading experts Dr. Irene Fountas and Dr. Gay Su Pinnell.

Proven Outcomes

Research findings highlight Literacy Collaborative's positive effect on literacy teaching, student learning and achievement, and school literacy culture. More »

Common Core Standards

Literacy Collaborative aligns with the Common Core Standards in English Language Arts, and meets the requirements of Response to Intervention (RTI). More »

Professional Development

Beginning with literacy coach training, our model delivers a school leadership team who drive engagement, implementation, and measurement. More »

From the Blog

Straight as an Arrow – Not!

Think of an accomplishment you have experienced in your personal life—something you felt compelled to complete.  Some examples might include:  landscaping your yard, painting a room, changing careers, learning to play an instrument,  putting a swing set together…the list goes on! Now reflect on a professional accomplishment—finishing a course, earning a degree, reaching a hard-to-teach student, organizing literacy night, introducing peers to team teaching….

Consider this: Were you able to immediately accomplish the task, or did you encounter issues and obstacles along the way? Let’s think about painting a room. It sounds like a simple, straightforward plan–get the paint, move the furniture, tape the woodwork, and GO, right? Except that, somewhere along the way you forgot to pick up a paint roller, and the brush you planned to use has disappeared. So you make a trip back to the store and then begin preparing the room. Wow! That big roll of painter’s tape—well, it looked like there was plenty on the roll! But no, one more trip to the store! So now you’ve taped the woodwork, created a workspace around the room, protected the floor, set the ladder in place, stirred and poured the paint in the pan, you’re set to go. This is exciting! You like the color, you’ve got the hang of edging the ceiling, the paint is going on smoothly, then you look back and realize the darker color underneath is showing through. You sigh, wondering if it’s going to take two coats, even though the paint label and the salesperson guaranteed one coat would cover!! Well, you’ll have to see what it looks like when it’s dry. Turn the corner of the room—oops! The ladder won’t fit, you have to move some furniture, your son comes in looking for a video game somewhere under the furniture covers, there’s a substantial crack in a corner that needs several coats to look good….Eventually you succeed in painting the room, and you are happy! It has taken far longer than you expected, you’re tired, covered with paint, sore from climbing up and down a ladder, but you’re happy. You can’t wait to see it in the morning light! And then…the morning light reveals it is definitely going to need another coat. More »

Thought Leadership

Literacy Collaborative is a nationally recognized, comprehensive school literacy model based on the award-winning work by reading experts Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell in collaboration with teachers and university teams at The Ohio State University and Lesley University. More About Us »

Since 1986, the Collaborative has partnered with schools and school districts to improve the reading, writing and language skills of children in grades K-8.

Our nationally recognized, research-based instructional method helps increase student achievement, empower teachers, and develop school cultures that are "rich in books and words."

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